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Okay, in all my years of writing I've never written a headline that screams "RANT" as much as this one. I shall... try... to refrain. But I do believe it's a good one to start this website with. As in, if you can't get past this then maybe you shouldn't be here, post.


(Deep breath in)


Writer, actor, painter. Uh... Sculptor? Director. Cinematographer. Whatever it is, it's fucking cutthroat. I love that not only is it hard to do, but there is someone who wants it just as bad and is willing to throw you in a ditch if it'll give them five minutes. I love that most people in charge of "art" don't know what they're talking about, and are only there because they know how to move money. 

I love it.

Eventually, if you stick it out long enough, you become this sort of back alley bet that someone desperate finally puts their money on. A long-shot sponsored by a long-shot. And there is something magical in that desperation. That frantic pulling of "friends" and "connections" as everyone scrambles to see how much of a profit they can get off of you. 

It's intoxicating.

Because I think, and as glib as I've been with this post to this point, this is honest... I BELIEVE that everyone born wants to be an artist. Maybe not in the traditional sense, not in the "look at what I've created and now look at me" sense. But in the "I'd like to do something, shape something, so that mankind's wayward path moves a little this way, or that way," kind of thing. I mean, just look at parent's. They're the original artist. They're creating something. They'll do it in an unconventional way that some, if not most, will frown upon. They'll screw it up but be blind to it. And they will be the only ones who will love it one hundred percent. If that's not art, I don't know what is.

We weren't put on this planet to push papers. To make memos. To bring food to people, and then clean up their mess. Everyone should do it, but it's not what we were MEANT to do. 

So why do I like it? Why do I support a process that kills something everyone (in my opinion) is born wanting to do?

Because it takes a certain kind of spirit. It takes the kind of person obstinate enough to say that everyone who has said "no" to them is wrong, and it take's a talent to back that up. 

Um, so... What's the gripe?

Where, oh where, did we lose our sense of adventure????????

There aren't enough question marks for me to add on to that question.

When did we forget that art was subjective? More than that, when did we forget that that was the best part? That by reading/viewing/feeling something from another person, we were transported, albeit briefly, into their world? 

Let me cut the shit.

We've so embraced this system of rating everything that we've lost the reason why we do it in the first place. And because of that, art is only okay if it appeals to the masses. Art is only sanctioned if it meets mass approval. Otherwise its deemed a failure. Which, by its very nature, art can really never truly be a success, nor a failure. It can only be, and only you can be more or less for seeing it. 

We're afraid to think for ourselves.

"I want my two hours back." That is what we say when we watch a TV show or movie that doesn't meet our standards. As if we were held hostage for the allotted time and then released, finally, to spread our opinion. Isn't that sad? Didn't we just get the opportunity to live through something that was important to another human being we've never met?

Okay. Okay. No more ranting. As someone who values structure in writing, this is awfully disjointed. Open-ended. ER... Rambling would be the best term.

So... To sum it up. Art is like sailing into the unknown. Sometimes you are given a huge boat and a tireless crew to make the crossing. Sometimes you have a leaky dinghy and you end up swimming the last couple miles. And for most... You don't make it at all. But the journey was important to take, regardless of the risk. And that... THAT... is what we should remember every time we we settle into our couches to watch a film, or to turn a page, or to look at the art that someone CHOSE to put on their wall. 

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