J.D. Palmer

The Man

Home. It was going to be the end of their journey. The answers to all the questions, the fears, the doubts.

A place that, for better or worse, would bring peace.

Not this.

Harlan clings to life, saved by the desperate ministrations of Theo and Sheila. But their every move is watched. Shadowed. For a master plan is at play that none of them understand, and it is only a matter of time before their enemy strikes again.

Beryl finds herself in a familiar place, facing a familiar foe. Stripped of all she holds dear, trapped amongst fanatics, she is slowly losing the will to fight. Alone but for the last person she thought she'd find as her companion.


A child's life hangs in the balance. Which means the time for self-pity is over. The time for despair is over. The time to worry about their own survival is over.

It's time to kill.

Choices will be made as all is sacrificed in this gripping final installment to the Unbound Trilogy.