J.D. Palmer

The Monster

They survived the chains. The desert. They found ways to triumph over those who would use them for their own ends.
Harlan and Beryl are free.
They continue north, a frantic race back to Montana to discover the fate of Harlan's loved ones. But the road is not empty, and every stranger they encounter is a test.
Will they have to fight or flee? Be predator or prey?
Harlan is forced to question what surviving at any cost will do to him. Is it worth getting home to Jessica, and his child, if he is something unrecognizable?
Beryl slowly slips free of the bindings that lock her inside of herself. But as she finds her voice, she is forced to reconcile her feelings for Harlan and what the end of their journey might mean to her.
The winds are changing, winter is beginning to make itself known. Their journey will push them to new extremes, and they will not only have to protect each other from the horrors that stalk their path, but from the darkness rising within.